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Kanzeonji Temple


June 1st in 1959, this temple opened as Jhoryuji temple of Nichiren-Shu.

The Nichiren-Shu's grand head temple is Kuonji Temple
at Minobu in Yamanashi prefecture.

The "Hichimen-san" near by Kuonji temple is known as "Okunoin".

September in 1968, Mitani Eon Shonin succeeded to Jhoryuji temple.

December 22nd in 1972, the name of the temple was changed to Kanzeonji temple.

And life-sized "Kannon Budhisattva" enshrined in the temple.
We rebuilt the inner temple and kichen of the temple
as a project of 750 years from the time when Nichiren-Shonin was born.

June 29th in 1994, Nissatsu Shonin (Mitani Eon Shonin) became the 78th chief priest of
Myodenji-temple in Kyoto of Nichire-Shu.

According to Mitani Eon Shonin (the chief priest of the temple) insterction,
a substitute chief priest and followers took charge of Kanzeonji Temple.

But the chief priest died, by which we obey his post humous influence that
a project of 750 years from the time when Nichiren Shonin was born was celebrated.

June in 1999, meet with participant's approval,
Mitani Shoki(the chief priest now) succeeded to the 4th chief priest of Kanzeonji temple.

【Address】  2-164 Higashiasakayama-cho, Kita-ku, Sakai-shi Osaka, Japan

  【TEL】    072-250-5055